Growth Group materials 
Please download the following homework for your group meeting. Take time of answering the questions and reflection.
Greetings from Pastor Tim and Pastor Young Sun,
Living a Jesus Shaped Life is our Worship and Study series for Lent 2022
God wants to make us holy. Does that idea inspire you or induce you to cringe? Your answer likely depends on what you think it means to be holy. If you think that holy is a code word for “well-behaved,” you probably won’t be enthusiastic about it. If you imagine holiness to be a grim, duty-bound exercise in rule-keeping, you may say, “I’ll pass.” In reality, true holiness bears no resemblance to those cliché stereotypes. Holy is the word the Bible uses to describe God’s character. Holiness is not a sterile rule-keeping; it is the word that sums up God’s goodness and his power. Holiness is wholeness. It is our outer life matching our inner life. It is made up of life-giving emotions, thinking, and actions. It is life as God originally intended at creation.
On the last day of each week’s reading you will find the section “Working It Out.” This day’s reading will be a review of the week and have questions for you to discuss in your G2-Growth Groups.

Love Never Ends.
We start with the baptism of Jesus. God’s love for his beloved children shows up in Jesus’ baptism. We are seeing the light of Christ through the lens of Love!
Love is God’s promise to us. God will always love us. God may not like the choices we make, but God will never stop loving us.
Love is also the way in which God works in our lives.
The love of God is made real through our relationship with His son Jesus Christ through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit that is with all believers.
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