Growth Group materials 
Please download the following homework for your group meeting. Take time of answering the questions and reflection.
Greetings from Pastor Tim and Pastor Young Sun,
   For the rest of the Spring semester of G2-Growth Groups, which ends the week of May 17th, we are going to use
the weekly readings from Dixon First Reads Together as our Growing Time discussion. We are reading from the 
Old Testament books of the Minor Prophets. We have provided you with a couple of questions to think about
each day as you read that day’s chapter. This is to help stimulate conversation during our G2 Groups. 
So you will discuss the prior week’s reading during you G2 Group. Example: We are reading Hosea 1-5 the first week, April 12-16th. We will discuss those chapters the Week of April 17th. 
May you be blessed and grow more in love with God as you participate in your G2-Growth Group.
Blessings Pastor Tim and Pastor Young Sun