Growth Group materials 
Please download the following homework for your group meeting. Take time to answer the questions and reflections.
Greetings from Pastor Tim and Pastor Young Sun,

Series Theme: Altar’d, The Transforming Power of Surrender


We have a love-hate relationship with change. We want change when we start a new exercise or diet plan. We want change when we begin a new school year. We want change when we start a new job, but we don’t love change when it comes at a cost.

As followers of Jesus, as disciples, we want change. We want to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ. We want to be more like Jesus, but that comes at a cost. This Lenten season, we are going to pursue change. We are going to ask the Lord to change our hearts, our minds, and our behavior so we can grow deeper, be better, and look more like Him.

In the world of fashion, changes made to clothing are called alterations. We are going to pursue a spiritual alteration this Lenten season as we seek to encounter the triune God. The truth is, God is always calling us to be changed and shaped into His image, not just during the season of Lent. In fact, He has always invited His people to encounter Him.

For our purposes this Lent, we will think about these three aspects: Space + Surrender = Shift

Abridged from our Lenten Devotional: Altar’d, The Transforming Power of Surrender by Susan O. Kent