Growth Group materials 
Please download the following homework for your group meeting. Take time to answer the questions and reflections.
Greetings from Pastor Tim and Pastor Young Sun,

Living in the Real World

Series Theme:   Timeless advice on how to find peace and contentment in a hostile world. The message is based on the Apostle Peter’s first letter to the early Christians scattered throughout the Middle East, who were living in a life filled with trials, struggles, and persecution. Peter interprets their present suffering as their fellowship in Christ’ sufferings and as hope of their future partaking in Jesus’ glorious resurrection and changing our status with God and with the world we live as God’s daughters and sons in Christ. We are exploring how to live in the real world, today’s world, a new life given to us with the new birth through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, using Christian wisdom from our first church leader, to learn how to overcome the struggles, stresses, and strains of life.