Church History

Our story

May 7, 1837 marks the beginning of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Dixon. Seven dedicated class members and Rev. James McKean gathered and formally committed themselves to faithfully meeting together for worship, prayer, study, and support. Their efforts resulted in the birth of the congregation.

It is impossible to measure the impact this congregation has had and continues to have upon the Dixon area. However, the church records reflect that over 11,200 people have been baptized, married, or joined this congregation. Untold others have been spiritually impacted to live changed lives and many more have benefitted from the numerous forms of outreach of these dedicated people. We are reminded of the sacrifice of those who worked here before us. We stand on their shoulders and give tribute to their dedication. We are continuing the work they began to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by uplifting the message of Christ. The First United Methodist Church celebrated 175 years in ministry in Dixon on May 6, 2012. Who we are today as a church has been shaped by the saints who have come before us. The ministry we continue to do today has been built upon that foundation laid by the faithful first followed God’s calling in Dixon. Just as they planted something new here to bring Jesus Christ to this community, we plan to plant new ministries to continue to connect people with Jesus Christ and each other to transform lives and our community.