Our Mission
Our Mission is making new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world
Faithfully Uplifting the Message of Christ.
We do that through living out our Beyond the Horizon Vision. 
Our Beyond the Horizon Vision

Dixon First United Methodist Church is a community of faith that provides a caring place to thrive and flourish. Being a part of Dixon FUMC is being part of a family, not perfect, but a loving and caring place to call home.

Faith is a building block for life that is essential to flourish. If anything robs you of that foundation, you will discover the loss of faith will be devastating. You will realize this reality in moments of terror as tragedy overwhelms your life. Most of the time we live life on autopilot, but when struggles happen, we need a strong faith-based foundation that is unshakeable.

Over the next 5 years, our community of faith will be the compass for guiding hundreds of families into a loving and life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. Through our discipleship pathway, we will help them grow Jesus-Shaped lives that reflect Christ’s values and not those of the world.

We want you, your family, and everyone in our community and the surrounding area to flourish. Come and join us as we journey together, seeking to make Christ our cornerstone, the anchor in the storms of our chaotic world. Our vision is to see our community, nation, and the world grow together into a loving relationship with God and our neighbor.