Pastor Tim Mitchell

November 2018

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I pray that you have seen and experienced the in-breaking of God’s Kingdom since we last talked. The goal of our Overcoming Overwhelmed series was: “Getting control of our lives so our lives don’t control us!” The neat thing happens as you start getting control of your life, you start seeing God everywhere. Not only do you see God at work you actually get to participate in those moments because you have better control of your life so you are not rushing from one moment to the next. You are able to truly be present in the moment! During my last two newsletter articles, we have been talking about “Messy Church.” A Messy Church is a place where people can come and be real. A Messy Church is a place full of messy people. It is a community of believers that are willing to walk with each other through the daily craziness of life. It is a place where we don’t have to all think and act the same. Why? Because our focus is on the Triune God of grace and glory. God calls each of us to this place at the corner of Peoria and Second Street inviting us to come to God through a loving relationship with God the son, Jesus Christ through the daily indwelling of God the Holy Spirit. Throughout my years as a parish pastor, I have been amazed by God in so many awesome and wonderful ways. One of those ways is how through the circumstances of life God brings people together. I am especially reminded of this every year when we celebrate All Saints Weekend. All Saints Weekend is that time of the year when the church remembers those people who over the past year have died and moved their residence to heaven. It is a time when we as a congregation can again walk beside those whose lives have changed drastically because of the death of a loved one. We have the wonderful opportunity to encourage families during their sometimes tough transition. We can again celebrate the life of a loved one who impacted the lives of their family. All Saints Weekend is a reminder for me of the stories that I was privileged to hear about how a loved one impacted the lives of their family and friends. When I think about being a Messy Church a question pops into my mind. If you came to our church through a struggle or trying time in your life, who was the person God brought into your life to walk with through that dark night of your soul? If they are still living take a moment to thank them. If they are not and are now one of the saints in heaven thank them through your prayers to God. As we celebrate our saints it is a reminder for us that the church is called to share our faith from generation to generation. The Bible repeatedly reminds us to share our faith. I know that in my own experience when I came back to the church I was in one of the messiest times of my life. I am so grateful that God brought me to a church full of loving saints that allowed my messiest to spill out regularly. They shared the love of God with me and allowed God’s love to enter into the deepest reaches of my soul helping me to get all that toxic stuff out. There was no judgment or condemnation because for many of these saints my story was their story. My life had once been their life and they knew that God’s healing balm was the only medicine for my sin-sick soul. So, I am reminded that the church is at its best when it is messy! That is when you can see the work of our amazing and awesome God at its best. God is in the business of reclamation and transformation. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus! Come Holy Spirit Come! Blessings Pastor Tim