Dixon First Reads Together
“We’re in this Together”
A Journey through the bible using Topical readings

We are beginning a new Bible reading series. Each week we will have readings on a particular topic.  We will read an entire chapter and will discover the story within that chapter.

Things to consider as you read or listen:

-new insights

-what did you learn

-how does it apply to you & what can you do

Week of September 13 we will read about animals in the Bible and how God’s uses them to instruct us.

Week of September 20 we will read about parting/separating water showing how God is a God of Miracles.

Week of September 27 we will read about people who were raised from the Dead by God’s power and we can look forward to the day believers in Christ will be raised.

“When Scripture comes alive in our hearts, it doesn’t inform us as much as transform us… I view its pages as portals to adventure.”  Margaret Feinberg

Let the adventures begin!


Weekly Readings for September 13-17


Do you remember these?

9/13 –  Numbers 22 Balaam’s Talking Donkey (Donkeys are symbols of service, suffering, peace, humility and in this case wisdom)    

9/14 – Matthew 17 Fish With A Coin (Demonstrates God’s generosity, divine power, knowledge and love.)

9/15 – 1 Kings 17 Ravens Feed Supply Elijah Food (God provides for us in each new trial we face.)

9/16 – Acts 28 Snake/Viper Bites Paul (Our lives are in God’s hands.)

9/17 – 2 Kings 2 Killer Bears (Shows consequences of disrespecting God’s messenger and God’s power.)

Weekly Readings for September 20-24

Parting/Separating Water

More than you remembered?

9/20 –  Genesis 1 God separates the waters during creation. (God’s wondrous creation).     

9/21 – Exodus 14 Moses divided the waters of the sea. (Demonstrates God’s power.  When we see no way out – God can open a way.)

9/22 – 2 Kings 2 Elijah and Elisha each divided the waters of the Jordan. (Shows the power God’s gave his prophets.)

9/23 – Joshua 3&4 (Testimony of God’s power and keeping his promises.)

9/24 – Matthew 14 Jesus walks on water instead of parting the water. (Shows Jesus’ power and consequences of taking your eyes off of Jesus.)


Weekly Readings September 27- October 1

People Raised From Dead

Can you think of others?

9/27 –  1 Kings 17 Widow’s Son  (Shows that God is Lord of all nations.)     

9/28 – Luke 7 Nain’s Son (Jesus’ compassion and power.)

9/29 – 2 Kings 4 Shulamite Woman’s Son (Indicated the perfect work of God)

9/30 – Matthew 27 Saints in Jerusalem (Sign of the great resurrection to come.)

10/1 – 2 Kings 13 Israelite Man (Foreshadows how Jesus’ death and resurrection turned the grave into a way to new life.)