Dixon First Reads Together
“We’re in this Together”
A Journey through the bible using Topical readings

We are beginning a new Bible reading series. Each week we will have readings on a particular topic.  We will read an entire chapter and will discover the story within that chapter.

Things to consider as you read or listen:

-new insights

-what did you learn

-how does it apply to you & what can you do


“When Scripture comes alive in our hearts, it doesn’t inform us as much as transform us… I view its pages as portals to adventure.”  Margaret Feinberg

The adventures continue!
January 2022 Readings

Gift of Jesus/Name Above All Names

1/3  Isaiah 30

“Wonderful Counselor”  Isaiah 7:14

“Jesus is a wonderful counselor not a commanding general.”  Romans 12:2


1/4  Philippians 4

“He will be called the Prince of Peace”  Isaiah 9:6


1/5  Psalm 118

Never Ending Love

His love endures forever.


1/6  Luke 1:68-80

“Bright Morning Star”

“A `star` shall come out of Jacob.”  Numbers 24:17


1/7  Revelation 22

“Alpha and Omega”

Jesus: the beginning and the end.